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The Green Lentil Promise...

The Green Lentil is classified as one of Mother Nature’s superfoods, and rightfully so!
The Green Lentil products, as a range of nutritious vegan food that will become a staple in all kitchens in years to come.

Welcome to the Green Lentil…

The dream is to create vegan products that remind you of good home-made comfort food. For many years, I made lentil burgers for friends and sold them at festivals and events. I became known for Lara’s Lentil Burgers and so it made sense to create a brand around my love of great comfort food and that of lentils.

Our Mission

To provide a nutritional range of vegan deli meats to everyone ready to start a vegan journey
so that we can build a vegan world by 2050 in which everyone can live in peace including animal friends.

What's cooking in the kitchen...


Lemon & Herb Schnitzels

These 100g portions are packed with legumes, veggies and come packed with flavour. Crumbed in a spicy batter to give you a crunch in every bite. Serving Suggestion: You can create a Chikon Burger, have a patty with steamed veg and gravy. You can slice into strips and fry and add to rice, pasta or salad

The Snack stack

Ready to eat seitan deli slices: Made with legumes, veggies, herbs and spices. Sold in a pre packed 200g resealable bag for convenience. This snack stack comes in three delicious flavours; Smokey Paprika, Lemon and Herb and Roast Veg Serving Suggestions; On sandwiches, in Stir fry, as part of a breakfast, cut up and served with Pasta, Roasted with Roast veg, added to a fresh green salad or eaten just as it is, on its own

Veggie Minute Steaks

The perfect frying or braaing steak, made with Legumes, veggies and a blend of herbs and spices. These steaks hold together and make a great addition to any braai. Serving suggestions: Pan Fry to crispy, add to braai sauce and placed on a braai till crispy and serve. Can be a steak roll or cut into strips and made into a stir fry Texture is soft and delicious and jam packed with flavour.

Roast Veg Mince

A flavourful mince experience, this mince is made with legumes, veggies, herbs and blend of spices. Sold in 300g packs that can be defrosted and added to any traditional mince meal. Serving Suggestion: Spaghetti Bolognese, Fried with Onions and served on toast, Made into frikkels or meat balls

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