Welcome to my kitchen.

Not your conventional eatery, not quite a  shop, although I do stock local friends products. Rather  I see it as an intimate experience  a place you can visit and feel right at home in a well loved kitchen space filled with music, aroma and tastes to tantalise your taste buds.

Right here in the middle of the Karoo at the foothills of the great Swartberg Mountain range.

Born out of  my own need to get healthy, and my love of food. Experimenting and creating interesting meals that are 100% plant based is so much fun. I found that by sharing this journey with my friends we can all get a little closer to living a healthier plant based lifestyle

 pop in and say hi, while I make you a fresh herbal tea, smoothly or something delicious to eat

When it comes to vegan cooking in the Great Karoo you in for a treat.

I prepare a menu of well know fast food favourites. 

My on the go meals are Karoo beetroot hummus falafel wraps or my signature lentil burger with peppered cheese sauce.

Weekly Roast veg buddha bowls with a healthy selection of locally produce keeps it real.

By special request and booking in advance I am able to conjure up local South African dishes from Cape Malay culinary experience that are guaranteed to satisfy any vegans adventures taste buds.

Cooking Course in the Karoo 2020 – Free Your Spirit Karoo Vegan Retreats 2020

A great way to learn more about veganism then on a Vegan Retreat where you live off the land from a Vegan BnB, and learn how to cook, live and eat cruelty free

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