“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.”Virginia Woolf

My name is Lara, I make plant-based foods and products.

The kitchen is where my creativity is set free, where I can make use of various herbs and spices to create authentic flavours with food sourced locally when and where possible, creating a farm to table product.

Prince Albert is with mountain water feeds the village daily with water flowing through narrow stone toffs on the side of the road from the majestic Swartberg Pass.

This is where I have enough space and stillness to explore my passion for vegan food,  colourful dishes, rich and spicy, nutritious and wholesome, and, where sometimes I can be totally decadent or totally minimalistic. Creating meals filled with love and each meal an experience.

I have always enjoyed cooking for people from my very Holistic Event, the one an only  first holistic fair at the Grahamstown festival in 1996. My lentil burgers were famous which I made at every colour and light evenings held in Simons Town. Food has always been a part of my own healing, little did I know it would be saving my life. This range of products and the story behind them are very personal. It’s based on my own healing path of eating healthier. With now products that can help you heal your body.

I began to eat a more plant-based diet due to wanting to work with my health the natural way. Balancing my hormones and strengthening my body. I want to help people discover plant-based products that can help with health. Food that is tasty and created completely cruelty.

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